About Our Company

Beck's Classic has been manufacturing incontinent products to the institutional market since 1983. Our factory is located in Brentwood, New York. All of our products are sewn and individually inspected at this facility. Because we have many different products, we have selected the most popular to serve our home health care division. Our customer care department can be reached via e-mail info@becksclassic.com. We do respond quickly to all of our customers needs.

SAVES YOU MONEY... Reusable pads and diapers save you money and help save our environment. Take the cost of a pad and divide it by 350 which is the average number of washings you get. This works out to be about $0.03 per use! Take the cost of a case of disposable pads and divide the cost by the number of pads in the box. Your cost per use is many times that of the reusable one. Plus, disposables choke our landfills and last forever. It makes "cents" to use REUSABLES.